Tips for dating successful men

Driven men, successful men, and entrepreneurial men all have something in common…They all yearn for an emotionally fulfilling relationship.Sure, all people crave a highly functioning and fulfilling likely won’t be communicating the soft, feminine woman inside you.

Essentially, according to the theory, the stability of all relationships are the result of each individual making decisions about the following: So, we form relationships with people who give as much to us as we give to them (ratio), treat us in accordance with our expectations (satisfaction), and are our best alternatives at the time and place (dependence).

Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor I'm taking a break from my series on rejection to comment on another matter.

For those of you who might not know, there is an interesting discussion going on in the Psychology Today blogosphere. White's message is that figuring out what you want in a relationship (and being authentic to who you are) is more important than guessing about what others want you to be (and trying to fit those expectations).

In their business dealings, driven men are wizards at being stubborn and laser beaming to the core of the matter.

And while this helps them in business negotiations, it doesn’t help them nearly as much in their love lives.