Funny blog about dating

To begin with, let’s think what we can do to get a cool nickname.

Way 1: Usually nicknames reflect an aspect of your personality, background, or interests.

If you’re looking for a break from the maddening world of dating, then take a look at our 10 Best Funny Dating Blogs.

Macintosh shares her dating horror stories in a very real and entertaining way. Her cringe-worthy stories are normally accompanied with hilarious infographics and photos that help get her point across. She’s also a big fan of talking about penises, if that’s your thing too.

The easiest option is to modify your name or surname and turn Margaret into Margo or Walker into Walkie.

Way 2: Girls may add “sweetie”, “baby”, “sugar”, “bunny” or any cute words to their names and get: baby Lana, Honey Kate, or Sweetie Kitty.

I'm back from my long vacation where I visited four countries in Europe.

You could spend hours scrolling through the side-splitting photos, videos and news posts.

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