Bf2142 stats not updating

The P-Stats Network provides several websites and services around game and player statistics.Core services are rankings, leaderboards, player data tracking over time, tools to build and distribute dynamic graphics and APIs for developers.~I was even trying to reinstall game,but after this, launcher still demanded me to update,and it went the same way-updating disappeared into normal launcher menu.~Other method i tried was deleting bf2142from GAME DIR and restarting launcher again. Note: My antivirus was turned off in any of these actions. Cheers to all BF community Hello, you did not run the Revive Launcher as Administrator, did you? Try to go into the Settings of the Launcher and make sure "Widescreen Support" is checked!Smaller squads and losing the commanders (at least half of the games I played left that position empty) makes some sense in that regard, but no VOIP was a huge mistake.

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I sometimes saw people take more than 10 bullets with dirt flying all over there body and they would survive. Otherwise, I've enjoyed BF3 in almost every way over BF2. Haven't been killed by hordes of man-dolphins yet, for instance.

Project Reality is what gave Battlefield 2 such big life span. Seems like there's always a game worth playing in BF3, even with low player count.

Please use the registration form, to register here or read more information about the registration process. OK - Here's a list of common problem fixes for Battlefield 2142 you may want to tick off. There's no guarantee that these will fix your issues, but make sure they're all dealt with before you need serious help. This step isn't necessarily needed, it's just good practice. as the engine for it's software, so the settings you configure in I. Now run EA Link and enter the Northern Strike code as normal. Error on game load ": sanity check : block size 246157300 ( 234.75MB ) doesn't seem sane", or similar Memory sanity check insane error. I became realy frustrated last time I played on a server as squadleader, and didn't even consider to take the empty command "seat" for the cource of my own phygical health....

PB = Punk Buster - See points click ok and reboot If you want, you can take the time to repeat this process, only you re-check the programs in startup one at a time to test which one is causing the interference. The next assigns the process to one CPU or the other. There are several steps to try to resolve this apart from checking your RAM isn't dodgy (see 13 above): (a) Try clearing your page file on shutdown by following this M$ article here: (b) Try resetting your Pagefile.