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As a result, an assignment of future receivables or a bulk assignment of receivables that are not identified individually may be ineffective.

In addition, an assignment that is effective according to the law under which it was concluded, may not be enforceable as against the debtor in another country or be subordinated to the rights of competing claimants in another country.

Questions will be both descriptive theory based as well as problem type short answer ones.

The tentative syllabi of the six papers are as given below :- New Syllabus for Qualifying Examination for Indian Nationals graduating from Overseas Recognized Universities Paper – I Constitution Preamble – significance, importance, relations with DPSP, declaration and objectives of state, place in interpretation of constitution- Citizenship – Fundamental Rights – Directive Principles of State Policy – The Union, Executive, President – Legislative powers of the President – The State, Executive, Governor – Parliament – Legislative powers of the Governor – The Union Judiciary – High Courts and Subordinate Courts – Tax – Services under Union and States – Languages – Emergency provisions – Legislative Relations – Centre-State Relations – Administrative Relations – Trade and Commerce.

Moreover, the law applicable to conflicts of priority among competing claimants may be difficult to determine.

This means that either credit is not available on the basis of receivables (e.g.

Paper – II Contract Law & Negotiable Instruments Act Contract Law 1.

Key provisions The Convention removes legal obstacles to receivables financing transactions, inter alia, by: (a) validating assignments of future receivables and bulk assignments, and by partially invalidating contractual limitations to the assignment of receivables); (b) enhancing certainty with respect to a number of issues, such as the effectiveness of an assignment as between the assignor and the assignee and as against the debtor; (c) clarifying the law applicable to key issues, such as the priority between competing claims; and (d) providing a substantive law regime governing priority between competing claims that States may adopt on an optional basis.In a negotiated procurement, such as this one, a contracting agency has broad discretion in deciding whether to cancel a solicitation. A reasonable basis to cancel exists when, for example, an agency concludes that a solicitation does not accurately reflect its needs. Consequently, even if Tien Walker's earlier protest had been denied, the contractor would not be able to complete the first survey wave prior to Ramadan. As the contracting officer further explains,[t]he government now has to re-examine its needs, since there is no value in conducting two waves of surveys between Ramadan and the beginning of the winter season.Supply Core Inc., B-411015.8, May 27, 2016, 2016 CPD 153 at 3. 26, 2003, 2003 CPD 203 at 3; Miller, Davis, Marter & Opper, P. Winter weather conditions make face-to-face fieldwork more challenging from late October and onward. This is so, even when the cancellation occurs during the pendency of a protest. Nevertheless, the reasonableness standard applicable to cancellation of a solicitation remains unchanged. 26, 2016, 2016 CPD 64 at 4-5; Lasmer Indus., Inc., supra.Specifically, due to the challenge to the solicitation, the agency was unable to make a contract award in accordance with FAR 33.104(b).