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We know neither the precise place nor date of his birth. 46) is that of Hertzberg, the recent German editor. 43, so that he would have been eight years younger than Propertius : a difference which would entitle him to call Propertius his predecessor, whilst at the same time it would not prevent the two poets from being sodales ( Propertius was not descended from a family of any distinction (2.24. 1.6.) The paternal estate, however, seems to have been sufficiently ample (Nam tua versarent cum multi rura juvenci, 4.1.

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The national headquarters for Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity has suspended the fraternity's chapter on the Northwestern University campus after allegations of sexual assault at the fraternity house were announced, officials confirmed.Amnesty International stresses that the fight for LGBTI rights is far from over and urges the Greek government to guarantee all rights, including equality before the law (including marriage), adoption rights and legal gender recognition for transgender people.“Despite this first step, LGBTI people in Greece still live in a climate of hostility from which the authorities are failing to protect them adequately.The message is that Greece is becoming more tolerant.” The new law, which was strongly opposed by the Greek Orthodox Church and several political parties, recognizes partners of a civil union agreement as next of kin and enables same-sex couples to enjoy some of the same rights granted to married couples.These include hospital visitation rights, emergency medical decisions, and inheritance rights.