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The young law student, from Sydney, lacked energy, had little self-confidence and was hiding behind closed doors instead of going out with her friends.

But now, just over 12 months on, the dedicated 22-year-old has shed an incredible 90 kilograms and says she feels and looks better than she ever has.

Whether you hate homophobic and racist trash talk or would prefer to only play with your gender, Xbox Live has you covered.

In short, you'll soon be able to erase the gamers you don't want to interact with forever.

'Around my 21st birthday I sat down and realised that if I was at 157 kilos at 21, where would I be in 10 years? 'I had been overseas to Europe as well and I couldn't accomplish anything.

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While Ms Ognenovski's diet wasn't too bad, she wasn't exercising at all and she had an ever-increasing appetite.A relatively new form of misleading hype is something I’ve dubbed “The Mic Trick.” Ubisoft has been slyly performing the trick for the past two E3s, and it’s time we talked about it, because I’ve got this weird feeling that Europe’s EA doesn’t quite realize we’ve cottoned onto it yet.By her 21st birthday, Jennifer Ognenovski had tipped the scales at 157 kilograms.Let's learn a little more about this online service.Chat Random - this is a random video chat, access to which is absolutely free.